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04/13/08  The Monitor Newspaper:  ILL EFFECTS:  Stain of Hayes-Sammons site lingers in many lives it changed

Press Release and Invitation to Mission documentary trailer

WHERE:  Border Theater in Mission, Tx

WHEN:  Sunday, April 6 at 7 p.m.


04/04/08    Rio Grande Guardian :  Trailer for Mission Superfund documentary to be screened locally
03/26/08    Rio Grande Guardian:  Toxic Exposure from Mission Superfund site to be discussed at UTPA
03/24/08    Invitation to UT Pan American Lecture on the Poisoning of Mission, Texas on March 27th
02/09/08    Helena Chemical Fact Sheet 2008

Rio Grande Guardian:   EPA to start dismantling Mission chemical mixing plant building this month


02/03/08    Rio Grande Guardian: We still want Clinton to visit Mission Superfund site
01/09/08   KRGV TV News:  Helena Battle Continues, Vigil Held to Mark 10 Year Anniversary
01/07/08   KRGV TV News:  Citizens living near the plant give agency an earful


The next date in court will be THURS JAN 10 at 3:30 p.m. in the 332nd District Court at the

Hidalgo County Courthouse in Edinburg, TX


12/26/07   Rio Grande Guardian Newspaper:  Prayer Vigil Held For Mission Superfund site Families
12/12/07   A Look at HR 972 – Civilian Agent Orange Act
12/12/07   A Statement From Dow Chemical About the Background of Agent Orange
12/10/07   VIDEO:  Some History on Monsanto (one of the companies involved in Mission chemical production)
12/05/07    Mission Lawsuit Original Petition Now Available Online
11/11/07    San Antonio Express News:  Decade After Kelly AFB Expose, Health Questions Still Being Asked
11/11/07 video:  Cancer Patient Loses Health Benefits


A hearing is set for TUES NOV. 6 at 10:30 a.m. in the 332nd District Court at the

Hidalgo County Courthouse in Edinburg, TX


10/20/07   LA PLATICA BLOG:  Local Valley Paper, The Monitor, Shows Its True Colors
10/10/07   San Antonio Express News:  Pesticide Suit Returns to Courtroom
10/9/07   Rio Grande Guardian Newspaper:  Salinas vs. Salinas Court Battle Looming
10/9/07   Stop Farm Workers, Kids & Pregnant Women From Being Exposed To A Toxic Mutagenic Pesticide
10/8/07   Invitation to Discussion / Presentation on Mission at Oberlin College, OH







Click here to watch Dolores

Part of the Upcoming Documentary on Mission






Click here to watch Rolando

Part of the Upcoming Documentary on Mission

10/5/07   People of Earth Radio Show (KPFT-Houston) Dedicates Show to Mission



  San Antonio Express News Article:  Liver Cancer in Bexar County A Puzzle
9/16/07   San Antonio Southside Reporter Article by the Editor: Chemical Cleanup Continues at SA Site



  Associated Press Article:  EPA’s Pace of Superfund Cleanup Slows



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Watch Taking Back New Orleans One Step At A Time

by the Southern Human Rights Organizers’ Network

7/7/07 Learn more about the Live Earth Movement






Mission Story Makes the Cover of the Texas Observer!


Slow Death, Slower Justice: How Pesticides Poisoned South Mission but No One Is Responsible


6/22/07 MISSION TEXAS MOVIMIENTO ARCHIVE Joins People’s Freedom Caravan As It Arrives In Houston
6/17/07 Rio Grande Guardian Newspaper:  Mission Residents May Finally Get Day in Court





Raise Awareness and Sign Onto the Relocation not Remediation campaign


RELATED:  Postcard project sponsored by UT Austin M.E.Ch.A.





Mission residents and M.E.Ch.A.students from the University of Texas at Austin protest at the Texas Supreme Court in 2005



KRVG News Update:  Supreme Court of Texas Clears the Way For Class Action Lawsuit


Read about the protest at the Texas Supreme Court the day of the hearing in LA PLATICA BLOG’s Bringing Balance to the Table of Justice


See the Texas Supreme Court Mission Website


See University of Texas at Austin Daily Texan Article


See Mission Case Arrives in Austin to be reviewed by theTexas Supreme Court


5/2/07 The Paper of South Texas:  Dirty Politics Is One Thing But Mutating Residents Is Another






The “Mission” Documentary In the Works







Affiliate T.E.J.A.S. Graces Cover of The Texas Observer


Visit the T.E.J.A.S. website


Read the Texas Observer Article “Separate But Toxic”


Sign onto an Environmental Petition by C.L.E.A.N.


3/20/07 KGBT TV Report:  Helena Chemical Plant Cleaned Up?
3/20/07 EPA Feels like Celebrating
2/15/07 LA PLATICA BLOG:     In Celebration of “Mission Day at the Capitol” in Austin
2/3/07 Testing of Selected Mission, Texas Homes and Properties: Sabotage and the City of Mission
1/31/07 Rio Grande Guardian Newspaper:  Salinas Promises to Keep Fighting for Sick Mission Residents
1/24/07 Congressman Henry Cuellar and Other Representatives to Visit Mission Superfund Sites
1/19/07 Analysis on the Adverse Impacts of Corporate Agribusiness and Chemical Production in Mission
1/19/07 Human Research Studies in Non-White Superfund Locations: Federal Environmental Racism in Mission
1/19/07 KRGV TV Report:     Ex Worker Says Chemicals Dumped on Land
1/18/07 KRGV TV Report:     Neighborhood Suspects House Built on Contaminated Soil
1/18/07 LA PLATICA BLOG:     Community Involvement?  EPA And Its New Public Relations Campaign
1/18/07 LA PLATICA BLOG:     Blame It On The Milkweed?  Well, If The Trees Cry Toxin…
1/18/07 LA PLATICA BLOG:     EPA Cleanup Crews Getting Sick At The Site?
11/7/06 A Definition of Environmental Racism from Mexican Americans and the Environment by Devon Peña
11/6/06 Rocket Fuel In 93 Percent Of U.S. Lettuce And Milk
11/3/06 Learn More About Toxic Sites Near You on the TCEQ Website
11/1/06 Search EPA Website to Find Contaminated Areas Near You
10/20/06 TOXICANTO:  TOXIC san ANTO nio  –  Series of Reports and Studies
10/20/06 LA PLATICA BLOG:     A Toxic State of Mind
10/20/06 LA PLATICA BLOG:     EPA Community Calendar – A Guide to Making People Eat Dirt
10/16/06 EPA Community Calendar – October







Oct 2006 Letter to Gov. Perry regarding SA Contamination


San Antonio Agent Orange Drum Site Burial Locations and Maps


Incineration of Agent Orange

Pages   1-50      50-100      100-150

150-200    200-250      250-end


5/28/06 Mission Texas Movimiento Archive to Present in Washington D.C.!  Updates coming soon
5/11/06 Mission Story Goes National For First Time in Final Call News  –  The Environmental Massacre of Mission
5/9/06 Environmental Review Report:     Chemicals in the U.S./Mexico Borderlands
5/1/06 Support the Navajo and Hopi Tribes’ Battle Against Forced Relocation Onto Contaminated Lands
4/25/06 Rio Grande Guardian Newspaper:     Mission Residents Happy with Supreme Court Ruling
4/24/06 Sign on to the “Down with Dow” Petition by against contamination in Michigan



Mission residents and M.E.Ch.A. students from the University of Texas at Austin protest at the Texas Supreme Court in 2005



LA PLATICA BLOG:     Hope Is A Beautiful Thing

3/29/06 International Hunger Strike Called Off: Indian Prime Minister Agrees to Meet Bhopal Demands
3/29/06 Congressman Lloyd Doggett Responds
3/25/06 AID Austin Reflection on Mission Reality Tour:  Bhopal in Our Backyard
3/21/06 LA PLATICA BLOG:     EPA Claims No Remediation For Time Being
3/20/06 Rio Grande Guardian Newspaper:     Indian Students Compare Bhopal and Mission





Join us for the MISSION: RealityTour

3/13/06 The Monitor Newspaper:     Border Health Care Lacking
3/11/06 LA PLATICA BLOG:     For the Record
2/28/06 LA PLATICA BLOG:     Study Links Tortillas, Birth Defects
2/27/06 Rio Grande Guardian Newspaper:     Mission Residents Say Give Us Katrina Homes
2/23/06 TAKE ACTION:     Relocation not Remediation
2/3/06 LA PLATICA BLOG:     Smile for the Cameras, Boys

Mission Texas Movimiento Archive, La Raza Unida, MEChA Align to Support Aid Austin and

the Bhopal Campaign


Also see  Recent Collaborative Action at the University of Texas at Austin


1/24/06 EPA Meetings in Mission, Texas this Thursday, January 26





1949 Article from Mission:     Kill Em Before They Get Started

1/13/06 Official EPA Mission Report
1/13/06 The Monitor Newspaper:     Chemical Plant Report Public
1/12/06 KRGV TV Report:     Results of Mission Soil Sample Released
1/12/06 The Monitor Newspaper:     Congressman Lloyd Doggett to Address Mission Regarding EPA Results











From Within”, an Article in La Nueva Raza


Take Action Today!

Help Baby Sara and many others!


12/14/05 The Monitor Newspaper:     EPA Results To Be Released…
12/13/05 Policy Brief on EPA and Mission Case Study and Mission Policy Brief PowerPoint
12/13/05 Observing and Absorbing: An Historical Analysis





LA PLATICA BLOG:     Bringing Balance to the Table of Justice:  Mission Case Reviewed by the Texas Supreme Court


See Texas Supreme Court Handout on Mission Case



11/17/05 University of Texas at Austin Daily Texan Article on Mission Hearing at Texas Supreme Court





Mission Case Arrives in Austin to be reviewed by the

Texas Supreme Court


Please click here for your invitation



Texas Supreme Court Mission Website








Environmental Working Group Report:

Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns




7/12/05 LA PLATICA BLOG:     Taxes Reduced For Superfund Residents
6/14/05 The Monitor Newspaper:     Congressman Lloyd Doggett Takes Action
6/3/05 The Monitor Newspaper:     City of Mission Official Investigated by FBI
5/17/05 The Monitor Newspaper:     Chemical Plant Owner Says City is Ignoring Him
5/16/05 The Monitor Newspaper:     City Plans to Demolish Contaminated Warehouse
5/19/05 The Monitor Newspaper:      Elementary Evacuated After Chemical Scare
5/18/05 Mission Linked to San Antonio
4/12/05 The Monitor Newspaper:      Bridge “Going To Happen” – Contamination Kept Hush Hush
9/23/04 Latinos in Polluted Communities
9/23/04 Latinos Face Higher Risks