123In the time before Facebook, Twitter and hashtags, there was www.Mission-Texas.com, a guerrilla media resistance website that exposed the toxic legacy and government-backed, inter-generational epidemiological studies of the people and lands of Mission, Texas.

This is a duplicate of the site formerly located at www.Mission-Texas.com.  Referred to as “the birth of rascuacha tech” by what would later become Xica Media, this site served as a platform of digital community resistance and guerrilla media between 2005-2008.

It is a mix of an historical archive, a digital Xicana feminist codex, and a digital roadmap of resistance.

*Note: This site is for archival purposes only.  Some links may be outdated. 

LINK TO ARCHIVAL SITE:  http://www.mission-texas.com/library/news.htm


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